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Welcome to Nu Start!  We are here to help you reach your personal goals - whether it be weight loss, achieving hormonal balance, or optimizing your health through IV Hydration, Vitamin/Co-enzyme injections, or Nutraceuticals... Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are ready to lead you on the right path to a better you!

NOW Offering: Botox and Xeomin

TRACY Taubenheim, RN & Injector

Tracy, an RN and trained injector, joins NU Start with a decade of experience in the cosmetics industry! Tracy worked alongside a renowned cosmetic dermatologist in a teaching/research facility while assisting in surgery at a facial plastics practice.
Tracy is very proud to say she was educated and mentored by two of the best expert injectors in the nation.


Hormone Replacement

The balance of nature and science with extraordinary benefits through bio-identical hormone replacement.

HCG Weight Loss

Our Clean Start Weight Loss Program is customized for you.    Lose up to 20-40 lbs in just 42 days.*       

IV Hydration Therapy

IV Hydration Therapy is a proven treatment that provides maximum absorption of essential electrolytes, vitamins and nutrients.

Vitamin Shots

Optimize your overall well being with vitamin and coenzyme shots.



Gary recently achieved his weight loss goals at NU Start Medical Weight Loss. Congratulations Gary! 50 lbs gone!


Dr. Bullard started his weight loss journey in January, and less than 10 months later was running a marathon.


Sam is a registered nurse at NU Start Medical Weight Loss. Listen as she shares her journey through the program!