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Clean Start Healthy Weight Loss Program

Lose up to 20-40 lbs in just 42 days!*

With the combination of a strict whole foods diet and hCG for fat loss injections, you will see the weight melt off your body.  You will not only lose fat, but often those annoying cravings.

The Clean Start Healthy Weight Loss Program is a medically supervised program designed to eliminate the body's fat deposits, particularly targeting the abdomen, buttocks, upper thighs, neck and face.  It changes the way you lose weight and makes it possible to keep it off!  The NU Start Program is not about being hungry the rest of your life.  When you finish the program you'll find you crave more healthy options.

Your diet will consist of fruits, vegetables, proteins, and copious amounts of water. NO packaged processed food or supplements.  YOU can purchase any items necessary for your diet at your local grocery store.

The programs consist of: (included in the price)

  • All HCG shots
  • Teaching for HCG injections
  • Easy to understand list of foods and calorie counts
  • A food diary to easily track your calories and food intake during the program
  • A book of tips for the diet
  • Bi-weekly Vitamin B12 shots

  • A recipe book using foods from the diet
  • Two InBody high tech BMI analysis

  • Weekly consultations with a registered nurse and/or nutritionist during your strict diet phase (depending on length this would be either 3 or 6 weeks)
  • Maintenance appointments during Maintenance I and II phases
  • Before and after measurements
  • Graduation appointment with goals for maintaining the weight that you lost, including knowing the exact calories you should eat based on your metabolic testing from the INBody
*Results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Average weight loss is .5-1 pound per day.

7 Weeks

  • 21 day hCG weight loss

  • 2 week phase I maintenance
  • 2 week phase II maintenance

  • b12 injections 

  • in-body analysis 


12 Weeks

  • 42 day hCG weight loss

  • 3 week phase I maintenance
  • 3 week phase II maintenance
  • b12 injections 

  • in-body analysis 


Frequently Asked Questions

How Does the Program Work?

We offer a number of different diet plans geared to your body, health and lifestyle.

Depending on how much weight you would like to loose, we have a 23 or 42 day program to fit your needs. Contact us for more information.

Is This Program Effective?

YES. The key to this program is combining  efforts of a strict diet with a daily HCG supplement. The HCG supplement targets your visceral, or "bad" body fat and uses that stored fat as a daily energy source. Since this program focuses on eliminating visceral fat, it does not burn your body's muscle stores leaving you with a similar metabolic rate after completion of the diet.

When Can I Start?

Any time is a perfect time to start thinking about a new you! We have a diet plan that is easy to follow with minimal exercise so you can lose weight safely at any point in your life. If right now is not a good time for you, however, we provide year-round support.